Ensure there are no ‘hidden surprises’ in your potential purchase with a Builders Report from us at First Inspections property inspection services in Taupo New Zealand NZ.


So what is included in a Building Inspection?

During an inspection the following areas will be assessed (subject to safe and adequate access):

Site / Subfloor / Exterior / Roof Exterior / Roof Space / Interior / Services (if applicable) / Identified ancillary spaces and buildings

At the conclusion of the inspection (or during for a verbal report), you will be advised of any areas of:

Significant defects / Particular attributes / Gradual deterioration / Significant maintenance requirements

In general a Property Inspection will give you an idea of the condition of the property and the areas that may require attention (and could cost you money!), or, if visible, may have caused problems in the past, and that the average home owner or property buyer (without 20 years experience in the residential building industry) may not notice!

What are my options?

Verbal Inspection:
Full building inspection carried out verbally and client must be on site with inspector the entire time (approximately 3 hours). Client to take own notes, photos etc.

Written Inspection:
Full written building inspection, and findings will be provided in a report format including full colour photo’s, recommendations etc. (Essential if the bank has requested a building inspection)

Thermal Imaging & Moisture Detection:
Can be added to a Written inspection, or carried out as a stand alone report. Click here for further information.

Invasive Moisture Testing:
Useful once non invasive moisture testing has identified a potential issue. Involves the drilling of small holes or removal of sections of wall linings to allow access to structural timbers, for more accurate assessment.

How much will an inspection cost?

The cost of an inspection report varies depending on the size of the home. Please contact First Inspections Ltd today for a quote specific to your requirements.

And remember, the cost of a report, is only a fraction of the cost you could be up for, should issues be identified too late!

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"I was most impressed with the quality of the inspection and the colour photo's were great. It was good value for money".
January 2010