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So what is a Thermal Imaging Inspection?

Thermography (often called Infrared) is a non-contact, two dimensional and real time way of identifying moisture and leak paths, heat loss and temperature variations within a building.

It basically means “writing with heat’, just like photography means “writing with light”.

Areas of higher moisture content, will normally give off a different heat pattern to those areas around it, showing a real time image on the screen, that can then be interpreted by an experienced thermographer. When used in conjunction with a Non-Invasive Moisture Meter, these tools are invaluable for tracking and identifying moisture issues within a building.

In what situations should I request Thermal Imaging?

Thermal Imaging can be added to our standard inspections or can be carried out as a ‘stand alone, Thermal Imaging inspection’.

It is particularly useful for Monolithic clad homes and homes at a higher risk of having moisture issues.

Infrared Technology can normally identify moisture and insulation issues within a home, that are otherwise unrecognizable.

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